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MCSA Server 2012

CCNP (Cisco Certified Network Professional)

MCSA Server 2012

The MCSA Server 2012 program is one of the most comprehensive ones to be had to deal with server issues pertaining to the windows operating system. At Network Zone, the MCSA Windows Server 2012 online course in Delhi NCR, every effort is taken to turn a raw recruit into a high performing professional that can handle issues in a live action scenario. The key word is dynamic environment that keeps changing by the moment.  Based in Delhi, the approach is one of class room efforts with a range of practical sessions that is meant to bolster the fundamentals. 

With the MCSA Server 2012 forming the back bone of most networking professional’s CV, the MCSA Server 2012  training institute in Delhi NCR should be tackled with the right approach to get the most out of the effort. Every fortune 500 company is seeking professionals who are well versed in the Server 2012 system from Microsoft. The course not only lays out the fundamental parts of the program but gives the user the right insights to making systems network together successfully.


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  1. Course details

    The MCSA Server 2012 course is meant to be covered in a complete 15 day testing schedule. Each sub module is covered in 5 days testing and centering on the following concepts.

    Installation and configuration of Windows Server 2012               -  5 days

    Administering the Windows Server 2012                                         -  5 days

    Advanced Configuring of Windows Server 2012                             -  5 days

  1. MCSA Server 2012


MCSA Server 2012

Further convenience is provided to working students and professionals with the MCSA Server 2012 courses online program that adds flexibility of how the student gets to learn the program. 

At the core of the course is the management of data. The data can be that of users or from data bases from warehousing activity; but the MCSA Server 2012 professional can be counted to deliver to the most exacting standards of performance each time. The course offers a comprehensive approach to networking as well as the handling of the data in real time basis.


MCSA Server 2012

The MCSA Server 2012 training can prepare a person to appear for the Microsoft certification module; 70-410, 70-411, and 70-412. It can thus for all practical consideration be taken as a true multi-approach course.

At Network Zone, every effort is taken to understand what the market demands from the student and the working professional in designing a course that is meant to stand out from the crowd. Trust the market leaders to bring forth a course administration that is beyond compare for the cost on offer. The top performing students are assured of placements to some of the leading employers in the country and abroad.




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